Bonnie & Brad

photography by Evan McMaster www.evanmcmaster.com

Bonnie & Brad were married in Halifax on Halloween. Their festive wedding took place at the Citadel Hotel downtown. Their colour of choice was eggplant. The bride's bouquet was a stunning hand tied arrangement made by My Mother's Bloomers. The bridesmaids' bouquets were a mixture of white flowers hand tied with purple ribbon.

Each guest received a beautiful masquerade mask as a favour. The entire bridal party, including the bride and groom had personalized masks of their own. They were a huge hit! Every guest wore their masks as the bride and groom were introduced into the reception. As the wedding party was introduced their masks came down. It was a fantastic way to show them off.

Thank you both Bonnie & Brad for having us take part in your wedding day. It was a pleasure!

Of course, who could resist stopping at Tim's?


Sweet Truth

Ahh the candy buffet. This trend caught on so fast that now it seems when planning the reception set up, the cake table, gift table, head table, signing table and CANDY table are now what is considered standard. I will admit, everyone loves to see that colourful joyous sight when walking into a reception room. Yummy!!

Of course for children at weddings, this is equivalent to Christmas morning! However, I have seen many adults line up around the room waiting to get their mitts on that candy and squealing in excitement!! The candy table is a great way to incorporate colour, design and personality into the decor of the room. It is definitely a fun trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere any time soon. I'd love to hear your thoughts and see photos of your candy buffets!


Something (Robins Egg) Blue...

One of my favourite colours right now is robins egg blue. It is such a romantic colour which inspires creativity. There are so many ways to add colour to your palette in 2010. Gone are the days where the only colour we see are on the uniformed bridesmaids dresses and their flowers. Wearing coloured shoes, having an abundance of colour in decor, at the guest tables, dinnerware, accessories etc are all ways to express your personality on your wedding day.

A great flower (another favourite of mine) to add that soft blue palette is the hydrangea - see photo. Hydrangeas don't last a long time and are very delicate but they are so soft, romantic, beautiful and so worth it, especially in this colour! They are also very reasonably priced and work well with many other flowers.


Trends - Birdcage Veil?

One of the latest trends in wedding accessories for 2009 and into 2010 is the birdcage veil. I've heard so many mixed opinions on this trend. It seems that either you love it or you hate it. Personally I love it. Adding feathers, bows etc are even more fun. I'm really loving feathers lately which is also a popular trend, but that's a whole different blog.

"Although the “birdcage” name refers to the shaping of the veil to “float” over the face, head (or part of the face and head) and to extend no longer than the chin, it’s a common misconception that “birdcage” means anything made with large-gauge millinery netting. But “birdcage” is the style (slightly bouffant and “enclosing” the face like a cage), not the fabric. A birdcage-style short bridal veil can be made from the usual fine tulle of traditional veils–but the stiffness of the larger-gauge netting is more conducive to “floating” over the face without rubbing against the ends of the eyelashes." - factoidz.com


Destination Weddings....

We all know how popular destination weddings have become. I helped coordinate and plan a wedding in 2008 for a fantastic couple who were married in Punta Cana. We had a blast. It appears I will be traveling back to the Dominican for another destination wedding in 2011 for my very own sister. However, she wants a no frills, no fuss wedding. There will be only herself, her fiance and two witnesses going. What a challenge for a wedding planner! All of these fantastic ideas are popping into my head, the colour schemes are flying by and my bride? Sitting beside me scowling at the idea! Oh the joys. I think this will be a popular topic of discussion over the next few months.

In the mean time, here are a few links for anyone out there who may be looking at having a destination wedding!