Fat vs Skinny

You've probably seen this photo floating around recently. It's an ad from a time when women wanted to gain weight, when it was seen as unattractive to be skinny. My, how times have changed. I hear so often from so many brides, that they want to lose weight for their wedding. "Bridal boot camps" are plentiful. There's an unbelievable amount of stress put on people to "look perfect" on their wedding day. That one day when we are all supposed to be Cinderella, perfection personified. We'll have photos that we are supposed to look back on in 40 years and remember our youthful beauty. What we need to realize is that we already are perfect and we need to stop trying to live up to this fictitious, unrealistic, unattainable standard! Women are beautiful! So get your make up done, style your hair just right, put that white (or whatever colour it may be) dress on and get on down that aisle girl! No need to try and change how you look! You are already beautiful!

"Its bathing suit season again and…horrors…you are TOO SKINNY! Working in the media and looking at diet and exercise articles aimed at whittling your beach body every day, it's a jolt to see vintage ads promising popularity to women (and men) by adding pounds and inches. "Since I gained 10 pounds," reads one, "I have all the dates I want." Obesity rates started taking off around 1975, about the same time these ads dwindled. But it's not just that people went overboard with sugar and fat consumption and portion size so the media needed to push a thinner look. The perception of acceptable body size changed as well. Voluptuous gals like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Raquel Welch flaunted their curves in clingy dresses and skimpy bathing suits. Now they would probably sweat it out in a tent dress. Too fat? Too thin? Too short? Too old? You can't win. There will always be an expensive product or procedure to "cure" some perceived flaw. If these ads teach us anything, its time to banish the body insecurity, don that bikini, and jump into the deep end. Summer's too short. -Sarah B. Weir, Shine Staff Writer"



Becky & Dan

I just had to post this sneak peek of Becky & Dan's wedding. 
Photo by the amazingly sweet & talented Katelyn Fraser.



Canada Day Elopement!

I just had the pleasure of working with one of the sweetest couples I have ever met this past July 1st. They eloped to PEI with their dog Molly for a private Canada Day affair. The weather was perfect and the views were even better! Overlooking the water, and red cliffs of the south eastern shore, they held their ceremony with Molly by their side. Here are a few detail shots of the day taken with my iPhone. For more candid photos of my events as they take place, visit my Facebook album here!