The Modern Bouquet

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"According to the history of wedding traditions, “Before the use of flowers in the bridal bouquet, women carried aromatic bunches of garlic, herbs, and grains to drive evil spirits away as they walked down the aisle. Over time, these were replaced with flowers, symbolizing fertility and everlasting love." weddingstyle.com

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Many people will agree that a bouquet is a work of art. I am all about expressing YOUR personality as a bride and groom on your wedding day. What better way to express personality and stand out in the crowd than to create a bouquet made from jewels, feathers, candies, crystals, buttons, shells, fabric, ribbons or other keepsakes? There are endless possibilities to what you can use and create. Personal keepsakes, family heirlooms and treasured items can all be pulled together in an expressive masterpiece!

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Unlike the traditional floral bouquet which is typically tossed, your creation would be yours to keep and admire for years to follow, or to pass on to your children, family members or friends.

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The option to create an alternative bouquet can also be used for your bridesmaids, with boutonnieres and corsages.

"As your bridesmaids march down the aisle in your wedding, the chances are that they will be holding something pretty in their hands. Customarily, this was a bouquet of flowers, but there are actually tons of other options. These are some suggestions for creative bouquet alternatives for bridesmaids. What you give your bridesmaids to carry in your wedding should reflect the style of your wedding. If you keep that in mind, it will open your eyes to all sorts of non-traditional possibilities. Think about the message you wish to convey, as well as what will look the best with the bridesmaid dresses, your bridal gown, and the ceremony location. Some bouquet alternatives would be perfect in one place, but seem odd in another. Everything should flow together." thefreelibrary.com

photo from offbeatbride.com

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