Etsy Treasures

It's been much too long since my last blog. How very boring of me!

I had to log on to blog about my newest obsession - Etsy!
Here are a few of my favourite listings today...

How adorable is this? It's perfect if you are having a wedding outdoors or in a location that may be difficult to find. This item can be completely personalized and is made by TheWoodenOwl. They are sold as a pair for 45.00. Love it.

This is the perfect gift if you are attending a wedding! You can completely personalize this item with whatever you like. The script is laser burned into the wood. It is also listed at 45.00 and made by byScott.

The perfect green alternative to traditional confetti. Great for a book loving couple. It's listed by littleorangekitchen and sells for 5.00 per package.

Can't an Etsy blog go by without posting a gorgeous hair piece. This item is listed by bridalcouture and sells for 59.00. I love it!

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