Why You Want A Wedding Planner - Part I

True stories of my experiences on the job coordinating weddings and events.

May 10th, 2008 - Riverside Albert, New Brunswick ... Tented wedding reception on private grounds owned by the bride and groom. Temperature outside? 2 degrees Celsius. So, it was a wee bit chilly. It was not exactly what the couple had hoped for but, nonetheless they were happy and newly married. The happily married bride and groom were off having their photos taken while 80 guests enjoyed cocktails and music inside the heated tent. What is the problem? The DJ has just set up and upon plugging in, has shorted the entire electric supply to the tent. No music, no lights and no heat for the 80 guests awaiting the arrival of the unsuspecting couple. Their parents could take care of it, you say? No can do, they are also having photos taken. Bridal party? Nope, they too were with the couple and unable to help ...

The guests were now sitting in the dark, cold and unsure of what to do. Luckily, this smart couple had a wedding planner and she had an assistant. There was an electrician called upon the scene within minutes, who found the shorted circuit, fixed it and restored power to the reception. The entire process took approximately an hour. In the meantime, the guests were taken inside the parlour area of the property where catering was redirected. Upon their return, the bride and groom were kept in the dark (no pun intended) about the goings on outside, so that they would not worry about said catastrophe! They had hired someone else to sweat it out so that they wouldn't have to! Like most crazy occurrences, this is a story which is now looked back on and laughed about!


The Happy Couple

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