The Little Things

If I had to pick one specific thing that I love about weddings (which is hard, since there's so much to love!), I would have to say it's "the little things". 

By this, I mean the unique touches that each couple brings to a wedding. Whether it be a beloved pet, a hobby they share, or a family tradition, all of these can be incorporated into a wedding day to help create an intimate and personal atmosphere. Infusing the personalities and interests of each couple into a wedding day truly speaks to what is important to them. 

Take a peek at these special touches added to some of our previous weddings. The little things become more than just "little things" - they become the voice of our sweet couples and speak to who they are and what they love!

Instead of table numbers, Pam and Kent named each of the guest tables after a place that holds special meaning to them. 

It was important to Jenn and Eddie that they include this special guy in their ceremony. He was given the exciting job of announcing the arrival of the bride! Too sweet!

Jenn and Eddie also wanted to make their guests feel special by adding these gorgeous details to each place setting. Each guest had a place card with their own menu printed inside, as well as a box of locally made chocolate truffles. 

Lee loves Batman, so this tiny Batman peeking out of Lee and Gen's wedding cake brought in a special touch to their wedding that was important to Lee.

Jason is a huge Super Mario Bros fan, so Jasmine surprised Jason with the cute addition of Mario and Luigi to their wedding cake peeking out the back.

For Liz and Cam, Scottish heritage was a key factor in their wedding day. The family tartan was used as inspiration for their color palette. 

As an animal lover, I can really appreciate Becky and Dan's special touches! Their dog, Molly, played a huge role in their elopement and this beautiful collar matched their design perfectly. They even chose their wedding colours based on Molly's collar! 

It's always special when family comes together to help a bride and groom. Sara and Craig's family baked some seriously yummy pies, which the guests were treated to instead of a cake!

As you can see, the smallest details can have the biggest impact!

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