Why Blog?

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I've been asked a few times recently, "why do you blog?". With so much stuff on the go - bridaltweet, twitter, facebook, linkedin - blogging too? Actually, blogging is more enjoyable than any of the other social media outlets for me. It's basically an online journal. Why would anyone be interested in what I have to say? Maybe they aren't, BUT maybe they are! There are tonnes of blogs out there. Many "how to" blogs, blogs about weddings, blogs by wedding planners and other vendors. They are all, for the most part, fantastic!!

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What do I have to offer you ask? Well, aside from my own personal experience, my personal opinions, thoughts and ideas - I can safely say that in this neck of the woods (be it the Atlantic Provinces) there are not a lot of blogging wedding coordinators. So, I speak from my experience in the Maritimes with couples and vendors from New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia. Can the blogger in New York, Australia or London speak to the concerns, traditions, trends, style or weddings in this part of Canada? Not really - but I can!
That is the answer to the question folks. :)

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